SCANMAX Facial Biometric Thermometer Using In Multiple Scenarios

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Face recognition terminal with facial temperature measurement and health code inspection,welcome consulting shenzhen RAKINDA(SCANMAX) for  the price of the product type and industry application solutions as the industry recognized global Internet leading automatic identification application solutions, shenzhen Rakinda technology independent research and development of intelligent with infrared face temperature measuring health epidemic prevention new product code inspection id than triad. The F2-FHS face temperature measuring machine (health code access column) has become a new choice of public places entrance placement in many areas of the country, but also to help the government and the disease control department epidemic prevention and control of a big weapon.
In the early epidemic prevention and control work at the beginning of the outbreak, most of them used a lot of manpower to manually measure the temperature and check the status of the health code. It is conceivable how easy it is to cause contact cross-infection. However, with the development of mobile Internet and artificial intelligence, facial temperature measurement products with long-distance infrared temperature measurement and facial recognition function have made certain progress under the promotion of this epidemic, and have gradually begun to be put on the market in batches. At the same time as identity authentication, it can also complete the "non-contact, unmanned, error-free" body temperature detection and health code verification. When the temperature is higher than the set value or the health code is abnormal (red code or yellow code), an alarm will be automatically triggered , Can achieve more efficient public security prevention and control, and provide data support for the government to deal with related public security incidents. For example, in areas at risk of sporadic cases and local outbreaks in China (such as wholesale markets, building property service centers, government affairs centers, enterprise resumption of work and production, ports and terminals, communities, schools, etc.), install F2-FHS health code checkers. The face recognition and temperature measurement all-in-one machine can perform efficient temperature detection and health code inspection on passers-by, avoid queuing congestion, and can automate the temperature measurement area of ​​about 1 meter to avoid close contact between staff and the subject. The temperature accuracy is within ±0.3℃.
In addition, the F2-FHS health code scanning and temperature measurement all-in-one machine has intelligent voice reminders, intelligent color change status reminders and voice warning functions. Once there is an abnormal body temperature or health code, it will automatically alarm; it also supports face recognition when wearing a mask. Avoid cross-infection while ensuring inspection speed. After passing through the ID card, the platform can call the health code interface through the ID information, and instantly pop up the identity information and health code information on the platform, and can provide early warning processing for the yellow code and red code personnel to better achieve Efficient public safety prevention and control.
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