Face Recognition Machine With Health Code Verification How To Choose?

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At present, "health code" has become a hot word in public places. In order to make full use of big data to achieve "accurate epidemic prevention" and protect the public's safety, the National Health Commission is trying to promote the popularization and application of health epidemic prevention codes. So during the epidemic period, especially sporadic domestic cases and local outbreak risk areas, the staff at the entrance must artificially measure the temperature and check the health code (green code, yellow code, red code), normal before allowing passage, and queuing temperature check health code this matter must be very patient.... Is there a "dark tech" that could help us avoid queues, improve prevention efficiency, reduce workload and reduce the risk of cross-infection caused by queues?
At that moment, a conform to the current society as a whole the AI of the urgent demand for the product - RAKINDA F2-FHS series stand of face recognition temperature measuring machine, made to social epidemic prevention "express" of a line, which can realize non-contact intelligent, quickly identify detection, health code automatic validation, identification and simultaneous temperature detection, temperature measurement accuracy up to + / - 0.3 ℃, identity recognition, face recognition accuracy as high as 99.95% above, personnel and recognition detection records management platform.

All-around responsibility! Hardcore! This face recognition machine with health code verification who can not love?
As RAKINDA company introduced health code recognition F2-FHS, intelligent temperature measuring machine with all parts of the country's health code application interface relative joint (each city's "health code" all can dock with the F2-FHS equipment, traffic researchers just stand at the specified position to face temperature, at the same time to health qr code under the window of the qr code scanner module, scan id card and be placed on the machine can be completed quickly epidemic screening work. Health two-dimensional code identification access control, intelligent voice reminder, intelligent discoloration state reminder, automatic generation of temperature measurement and attendance records, can form a mild health two-dimensional code big data in the first time, can better assist the government to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

The situation remains complex and grave as the imported risks from a global pandemic increase. Resumption of school staff return to work, and production of enterprises, schools need to control and health status of detection means, is still the various government departments, enterprises and schools resumption of schooling mandatory requirements, various units and RAKINDA brand F2-FHS with "thermal imaging facial temperature + qr code double verification method" should be enough to rebound against input and the external precision control.
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