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  1. Why are people tired on April Fool's Day? (愚人节人们为什么疲倦?)

  答:Because they have just had a long March. ( 因为他们刚过了长长的三月。March 三月;行军)

  2.What weather do mice and rats fear? (老鼠害怕什么天气?)

  答:When it's raining cats and dogs.(下大雨。rain cats and dogs 下大雨 )

  3.When do dogs refuse to follow their masters? (狗什么时候不愿跟随主人?)

  答:When their masters go to the flea market.(主人去跳蚤市场时。Flea 跳蚤 flea market 旧货市场 )

  4.What question can never be answered by “yes”? (哪个问题永远不能回答“是的”?)

  答:Are you asleep? (你睡着了吗)

  5.What tree is always very sad? (那种树总是很伤心?)

  答:Weeping willow. ( 垂柳 weep哭泣 willow柳树)

  6.When can you get water with a net? (什么时候可以用网兜装水?)

  答:When water is turned into ice. (当水结成冰时)

  7.Why is the pig always eating?猪为什么没完没了地吃?

  答:He's making a hog of himself.它想成为一只肉猪。

  8.What's the longest word in the world?世界上最长的单词是什么?

  答:Smiles. Because there's a mile between the letter 's'.微笑。因为两个字母S中间隔了一里。

  9.What question is that to which you must always answer "yes"? 什么问题你只能回答“yes”?

  答:"What does y-e-s spell?" (当别人问你)“yes”怎么拼?

  10.Where were you when the power was cut off? 当停电的时候你在哪?

  答:In the darkness. 在黑暗中


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