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    Catalogue shopping

    11happyman 2015-08-14 13:38
    A hillbilly decided to visit his cousin some miles away and found him looking at a book, when asked what it was his friend replied "It's a catalogue" "What's a catalogue?" he asked.
    "It's a book with pictures of stuff you can buy. Come and have a look at what I'm buying."
    "Wow, she sure is pretty and you're buying her."
    "Yep, I saved up my money and as you can see here under the picture she costs eighty bucks."
    "Well I'll be darned, say if it works for you maybe I will get me one."
    Some weeks later they bumped into each other and the hillbilly asked his cousin "Has your lady been delivered yet?" "Not yet, but she should be here any day now."
    "How do you you know?"
    "Well her clothes came yesterday."
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