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Thought of You - Daniel Jang (Original) 

Firstly, this is my very first original - many, many thanks to all the family, friends, and peers who have pushed me to put this out here! About a year ago I had just earned my masters degree and was feeling like my life was a bit lost - no more teachers to mentor me, no more academic track to give me direction. Then I met someone, and whenever we were together it was like a spark reignited my life. Every time I thought of her it felt like my heart was suddenly alive; this unexplainable feeling of fullness and life there. That’s when the idea for this song came to me.
Unfortunately as time passed I came to realize that the feeling wasn’t quite mutual and it was just becoming more and more of an infatuation on my part. But I came to accept that some things aren't meant to be, and in the end it just might be for the better.
I didn’t actually get around to finishing the rest of the song until a year later, and I hope I was able to capture those feelings through this project.
Hopefully this is the first original of many! And of course more covers on the way and see you soon!

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